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Borghetto d’Arci was born from the renovation of the old farmhouses that the Silvestri family bought from the Torlonia family at the beginning of the XIX century, and which represented the productive heart of the agricultural holding. Nowadays, within its borders, it’s still possible to admire the ancient city ruins called Cures Sabini, birthplace of the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius, and scenario of the legendary “Rape of the Sabine women”. Within 10 km you can visit the famous Abbey of Farfa, the olive oil Museum and the suggestive village of Fara in Sabina, which was a Lombard stronghold during the middle ages and now seat of the archeological Museum.

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Located on top of Santa Maria dell’Arci hill and surrounded by the Sabine hill green, the agritourism covers almost 50 hectares cultivated with olive grove, walnut grove and arable crops, and allows enjoying nature just 35km from Rome. Marked by the Corese brook banks, the agricultural holding has more than 4000 olive trees and 2500 young walnut trees. Furthermore, crops, grazing for animals and a small farming of broilers and chickens enrich the agritourism. Most of the seasonal products offered in the restaurant grow from our yard.

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An amazing and touching landscape is the unforgettable setting of all the activities that the Silvestri family offers to its guests: relaxation in the deep green of the cultivated olive and walnut groves, activities for young people and children, trying typical products and gastronomic specialties of the season, brand new menus, hiking in the surrounding archeological and historical areas. Borghetto d’Arci represents a natural landing for those who want to escape from Rome and a perfect starting point to discover the Capital in a weekend for those who come from Italy or abroad.

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